'Why Me?' A book of darkness that illuminated my truth ...

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 19 November 2017 | 0 Comments

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A year ago, I knew nothing of Jim Swain, not even his name. Today, my perceptions of life are forever broadened and deepened for meeting and working with him.
That is the beginning and the ending of my story in what has been the adventure of getting this book to print.

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Put numbers in their place

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 31 December 2016 | 3 Comments

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My Resolution for 2017.

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One nurse's journey: now available

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 1 August 2014 | 2 Comments

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What a proud day! In hand is our first title published for a new author: she's sweet and scrappy, courageous and honest, just like her story. I can't wait to introduce them both.

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Mommy, Where Do Novels Come From?

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 20 February 2011 | 0 Comments

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Writing a novel has often been compared to childbirth. Having birthed three children and written one novel, I think the comparison is a bit of a stretch - no pun intended :)
However, as Finding Maria finds her way onto shelves, into stores, and in the hands and discussions of readers, I have to admit that I am considering a sibling. Perhaps it is the thrill of seeing a book come off the press, or maybe it's the great excuse a book launch provides to have a good party. More likely, it is that the characters in Finding Maria have just begun to feel the sun on their faces, and are bursting with more stories to tell.
Whatever the reason, I am excited about the prospect of writing again, but a little timid of entering into the solitary writer's lair that can be the creative process. This time, I I'm going to try writing with the office door open, just a little, in case you'd like to chat, get a glimpse of a work in progress or learn a bit about this process that gets a novel to paper. Snippets of new creation, reflections, or whatever the day brings will be posted here. I invite you to share as well.

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