Writing lessons from a drummer

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 6 July 2015 | 11 Comments

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Then I spent a week at the Ontario School of Piping, where my name tag distinctly said DRUMMER. Not mother, not writer, but DRUMMER. To be honest,  I started drumming with our pipe band  a few years ago to hang with my children. I ended up at this school  in large part to chaperone my teenaged piper (and carry her instrument, according to her), then signed up for classes to avert the temptation of gadding about Toronto spending money having fun while she worked her butt off realizing her dream. Worlds collided in a skirl of drones, snares and clinking bottles as musical callings clad in Highland traditions waged war on my introvert's soul. And it was perfect. Here's why:

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Say it with a song: Kiss Day Nine

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 3 June 2014 | 0 Comments

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    Week One of Keep It Super Simple evolved into nourishing the physical: water, food, exercise, rest, sleep. With essentials covered, it seems my body is ready for more emotional input. Two days ago, I actually looked forward to writing. Two nights ago, I had a memorable dream for the first time in six weeks. Yesterday, I heard a noise that at first I didn't recognize. I was humming. The surprise of doing it was sad enough, but that I had forgotten what it sounded or even felt like ... how much we lose when slowly consumed from the inside out. 

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Music Monday: Spine-tingling mystery of Unchained Melody

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 3 September 2012 | 92 Comments

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I was watching The Wonder Years with that adorable little Fred Savage (yep, my Senior years are on the horizon) when I first heard the song. There he was, slow dancing with the love of his life Winnie Cooper in their school gym. As sweet as they were to watch, it was the soaring notes and the simple yet gripping flow between major and minor chords that to this day conjure up the TV image from so long ago. I relived that moment in 1990, when that gorgeous creature Patrick Swayze paid a visit to his pottery-making love in the movie Ghost. I've never been able to look at a pottery wheel quite the same way again, and the haunting memory of that song remains.

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Mommy, Where Do Novels Come From?

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 20 February 2011 | 0 Comments

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Writing a novel has often been compared to childbirth. Having birthed three children and written one novel, I think the comparison is a bit of a stretch - no pun intended :)
However, as Finding Maria finds her way onto shelves, into stores, and in the hands and discussions of readers, I have to admit that I am considering a sibling. Perhaps it is the thrill of seeing a book come off the press, or maybe it's the great excuse a book launch provides to have a good party. More likely, it is that the characters in Finding Maria have just begun to feel the sun on their faces, and are bursting with more stories to tell.
Whatever the reason, I am excited about the prospect of writing again, but a little timid of entering into the solitary writer's lair that can be the creative process. This time, I I'm going to try writing with the office door open, just a little, in case you'd like to chat, get a glimpse of a work in progress or learn a bit about this process that gets a novel to paper. Snippets of new creation, reflections, or whatever the day brings will be posted here. I invite you to share as well.

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