It's Monday, raining and day 22: Give yourself a break!

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 16 June 2014 | 12 Comments

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Here we are on a weekend of self-nurturing and the lunch conversation is paused by a participant's plaintive plea: could she smell the coffee? No, no, she didn't want one, well, actually, she did but was on a 30-day regimen of no caffeine, no sugar, no junk ... you get the idea.

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Music Monday: Spine-tingling mystery of Unchained Melody

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 3 September 2012 | 92 Comments

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I was watching The Wonder Years with that adorable little Fred Savage (yep, my Senior years are on the horizon) when I first heard the song. There he was, slow dancing with the love of his life Winnie Cooper in their school gym. As sweet as they were to watch, it was the soaring notes and the simple yet gripping flow between major and minor chords that to this day conjure up the TV image from so long ago. I relived that moment in 1990, when that gorgeous creature Patrick Swayze paid a visit to his pottery-making love in the movie Ghost. I've never been able to look at a pottery wheel quite the same way again, and the haunting memory of that song remains.

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