Remembering their part and ours

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 10 November 2016 | 4 Comments

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  I will never know most of the millions of lives changed and sacrificed through military service, but I know and love a few of them - relatives, acquaintances, and a friend you're about to learn more of. This gives me the empathy and safe distance to relive the sacrifices of which we rarely think. The pride through tears of a parent seeing their child off on a mission; those folks in uniform may be all grown up but they will always be little to the ones who bore and raised them. The agony of saying what could be a final goodbye to the man or woman you love, bidding farewell not only to the person but to the memories you have yet to make, the children you may never have, and the safety of kissing them goodnight, every night. The lonliness on both sides of service, for those toiling in the heat, cold, and danger of countries a world away and the loved ones toiling in the daily routines of chores, solo nights, and worry on the homefront. 

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