Writing lessons from a drummer

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 6 July 2015 | 11 Comments

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Then I spent a week at the Ontario School of Piping, where my name tag distinctly said DRUMMER. Not mother, not writer, but DRUMMER. To be honest,  I started drumming with our pipe band  a few years ago to hang with my children. I ended up at this school  in large part to chaperone my teenaged piper (and carry her instrument, according to her), then signed up for classes to avert the temptation of gadding about Toronto spending money having fun while she worked her butt off realizing her dream. Worlds collided in a skirl of drones, snares and clinking bottles as musical callings clad in Highland traditions waged war on my introvert's soul. And it was perfect. Here's why:

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A novelist, not a poet? Think again

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 28 April 2015 | 2 Comments

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What Martin Short and I have in common

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 10 April 2015 | 28 Comments

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Well, not a lot. I adore him. He has never even heard of me. But there are three things we share ...

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Embracing my inner hermit to be a better marketer

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 19 January 2015 | 19 Comments

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     I come from a long line of hermits. But there are five ways that can work in my favour.

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Writing Rose, the character I didn't want to know

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 21 November 2014 | 1 Comments

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Writers control the story. So why choose a main character I didn’t like? Simple answer: he did, my male lead Jack, years ago, when I wrote my first book, Finding Maria. Rose was his love, his choice, and ultimately, his source of heartbreak when suddenly she was gone. To love Jack, which I do, hence the series of books to explore his life, I had to at least acknowledge the woman who made him a husband and father, and over two decades evolved to be the centre of his world. His heart had made its choice. To do justice to his story, I had to share hers, and that meant getting past the prickly habits and annoying weaknesses to the heart and soul of this woman. I didn’t have to like her, but I did have to understand her.

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Seed, Feed 'n' Weed: using stress to strengthen my spirit

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 14 July 2014 | 4 Comments

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In May, stress was winning I came close to giving up. Instead, I hit pause, and tried something new. And it worked. 

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Lessons from a clothesline

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 20 June 2014 | 1 Comments

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My basement clothesline now sags with dripping wet clothes. The forecast said thunder showers; I was swayed by the brilliant blue sky. So who do I blame: nature, myself, or this bloody Nova Scotia weather that changes literally in the blink of an eye?

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The Dark Side of the creative process

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 18 June 2014 | 3 Comments

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My lesson yesterday? The things that anger, frighten and frustrate are not minefields but diamond mines full of unruly bits that can be polished into a gem of a story. 

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It's Monday, raining and day 22: Give yourself a break!

Posted by Jennifer Hatt on 16 June 2014 | 12 Comments

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Here we are on a weekend of self-nurturing and the lunch conversation is paused by a participant's plaintive plea: could she smell the coffee? No, no, she didn't want one, well, actually, she did but was on a 30-day regimen of no caffeine, no sugar, no junk ... you get the idea.

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