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The Finding Maria series of novels are a Nova Scotia love story based on real-life events and locations in northern Nova Scotia, Wisconsin, Vietnam and Cape Breton Island. The series is also a living document of courage in progress. Books One through Four are now available; Book Five is set for release in 2017.

Marechal Media Inc. 

is our company. We publish our Finding Maria series. We also offer traditional publishing services to select authors, and support to self-publishing authors. 

Who are we?

We are an unlikely pair,

best described as explorers of possibilities, of limits, of ourselves. On the highest level, each of us has great power: how do we harness without losing, use without harming? On an average day? We're fiercely stubborn, afraid, resistant, open, curious and detached ... Our common ground, and our bond is in the words we print and share with you.

Are you a Reader? 

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Are you a Writer? 

Contact us to learn more of our services. To learn more of our company and author Jennifer Hatt, click here.

Marechal Media Inc is a proud member of the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association. Check out their news and reviews in Atlantic Books Today, available on line and in print throughout Atlantic Canada. 


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